Our Services

We offer a range of surveying services to clients within Western Australia, ranging from civil engineering construction for subdivisions through to major engineering projects.

> Engineering Surveys – surveys for set out of civil engineering construction projects. Including buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, conveyors, concrete and steel structures.

> Investigation Surveys – surveys for civil design on any project, for example water pipelines, roads, dams, etc.

> Feature & Detail Surveys – these surveys identify existing structures including buildings, fences, trees and underground services.

> Topographic Surveys – shows the 3 – dimensional location of man-made or natural features to provide a contour plan.  Additional services can include flood studies, mapping and water refurbishment restoration, stream monitoring, cross sections and 3-D modelling.

> Volume Surveys – surveys of any irregular features, stockpiles or surface for the purpose of volumetric calculations and provision of cross-sectional data, long sections and areas.

> As-Constructed Surveys – all components of civil construction projects including earthworks, walls, buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, conveyors, concrete and steel structures and all underground services.

> Civil Construction – the provision of all services required for the development of subdivisions, including earthworks, drainage, sewerage, power, roads, retaining walls, water and communications.  We will work with the consultant to complete any required redesign to facilitate the construction process.

> Machine Control – we are experienced with machine control, including creation of precise 3D model, upload and ongoing monitoring and support to the machine operator.

> Transformations & Mapping – Savage Surveying can process and provide data in any coordinate system, for example MGA or PCG that is required by the client and have the capability to transform the data from one system to another.

> A-Spec – the management of assets by local shires has introduced a requirement for as-constructed information to be provided in A-Spec format. Savage Surveying has provided A-Spec since its inception including D-Spec, R-Spec and O-Spec.

Previous Projects

Our clients include civil contractors, mining companies, government departments, local shires and the private sector and our projects range from metro subdivisions through to major projects.

Barrett Burston Malting Company

Project surveyor for the current $27 million dollar duplication upgrade replacing the existing kiln at Barrett Burston Malt Welshpool factory.

Roy Hill Campsite

Project surveyors for the construction of a permanent camp at Roy Hill with capacity for 2000 people. Major earthworks and all construction of concentric pads achieved with the aid of Machine Control including all As-constructed.

Northwest Railway Line

This project was part of a major expansion in the Pilbara region connecting the main rail line to the mine.

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