Surveying Services

Our survey crews have a diversified range of surveying experiences enabling them to deliver a professional and satisfying outcome on all projects. We believe our level of service is unique in that we work to suit the client, working outside normal business hours to ensure the project stays on target. Each team has immediate ongoing backup and support from the survey office, ensuring that any design problems or other challenges can be rectified immediately, often saving the client both time and money.

The surveying services we provide include the following:

Engineering Surveys

For set out of civil engineering construction projects. Including buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, conveyors, concrete and steel structures.

Civil Construction - Subdivisions

The provision of all services required for the development of subdivisions. Including earthworks, drainage, sewerage, power, roads, retaining walls, water and communications. Our surveyors will work with the consultant to complete any required redesign to facilitate to construction process and ensure a smooth transition from any existing subdivisions.

Machine Control

Our surveyors are experienced with machine control having utilized it on a number of large construction and subdivision projects. Our experience with machine control covers Topcon, Trimble, and Leica equipment. Including creation of precise 3D model, Upload and ongoing monitoring and support to the machine operator.

Investigation Surveys

For civil design on any project, for example water pipelines, roads, dams, etc...

Feature and detail surveys

Savage Surveying work closely with a number of shires throughout Perth metropolitan and surrounding areas to carry out extensive detail/future surveys for the development of existing infrastructure including roads, parks and other community facilities. This work requires working with the shire to their individual specifications and requirements which need to be adhered too.

Topographic surveys

Surveys for natural resource management corporations to maintain and develop the health of our waterways. Additional services include:

  • Flood studies
  • Mapping
  • Waterway refurbishment restoration 

Long-term experience working with organisations such as the Water Corporation, Waters & Rivers and South-East regional Center for Urban Landcare has provided us with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out the requirements for stream, monitoring, cross sections and 3D modelling.

Transformations and Mapping

Savage Surveying can process and provide data in any coordinate system, for example MGA or PCG that is required by the client and have the capability to transform the data from one system to another.

Volume Surveys

Survey of any irregular feature, stockpile or surface for the purpose of volumetric calculations and provision of cross-sectional data, long sections and areas.

As-Constructed Surveys

All components of civil construction projects including earthworks, walls, buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, conveyors, concrete and steel structures and all underground services.


Recent changes to the management of assets by local shires has introduced a requirement for as - constructed information to be provided in a new A-spec format. To data Savage Surveying have had exposure to the following:

  • Stormwater drainage specification D-spec
  • Road specification R-spec

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