Roy Hill Campsite

Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd
115 km north of Newman, WA
Start Date
October 2012
Completion Date
November 2013
Savage Surveying were the Project Surveyors for Wormall Civil, for the construction of a permanent camp at Roy Hill with capacity for 2000 people. The Roy Hill Project lies at the eastern end of the Chichester Range and includes iron ore mining, rail & port projects being developed in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The camp village will ultimately boast almost 2000 rooms, domestic facilities, shift change areas and administration
centres. It will also comprise sporting facilities in a central entertainment precinct including a gymnasium, auditorium, cricket pitch, swimming pool, beach volleyball court, barbeques and landscaped areas.

Savage Surveying began work at the beginning of the construction of the camp amid red dirt and spinifex. Earthworks began with cuts and fills of 6 - 7 metres requiring moving over 200,000 cubic metres of dirt. Building of the camp required construction of concentric pads which was achieved with the aid of machine control. Trenches were also dug using this method. Each pad was levelled within 50mm and concrete donuts placed to carry the structure. During this process underground services were constructed between the buildings for sewerage, water, power and communications.

This was followed by concrete footpaths and ramps for access followed by roads and permanent buildings, sewerage treatment plant and power plant all requiring earthworks set out. All facilities were as-constructed as the job progressed, creating a huge amount of data that required regular processing.

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