Sponsorship of the Wormall Motorsport Sprintcar Team

Upon arrival, Fred and his guests were greeted at the gate by one of the Wormall Civil reps on a four-wheeler bike who issued them with their VIP passes.  After a tour of the pits they all were escorted to the Corporate Box where they had private waitstaff attending to all of their needs.  During the night any of the sponsors who were brave enough were invited to stand in the centre of the track to watch a race in the midst of the action.

The Wormall Motorsport speedway racing team constsis of six cars - a speedcar, a 410 sprintcar and four wingless sprintcars.  Both Wormall Civil Managing Director Craig and his son Mitch drive wingless sprintcars for the team.


Article published: 06/01/2014

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