End of Year Celebrations

The first party was held at the end of November and was a little different to the traditional Christmas end of year function.  This year the function was a team-based quiz and activity night with lots of prizes and the theme of 'Christmas Glitz' which inspired lots of creative dress up.  Staff, their partners, clients and other special guests attended and everyone had a very enjoyable night.

In between traditional quiz rounds were a number of activity rounds including hula hooping and a 'guess the number of spring head nails in the jar' competition.  Another round was a paper plane throwing competition with a twist - the winner wasn't just the plane that went the furthest but there were also prizes for those demonstrating key surveying skills of accuracy and precision.  A coin toss was also held on the night and funds raised were donated to the Ruah Women's Refuge in Perth.

To ensure the kids of our staff members did not miss out, the following weekend Savage Surveying hosted a BBQ in the park.  A quick trip to Bunnings ensured a delicious fresh cooked lunch after discovering the BBQ at the park was not operational.  However, the main event was a special visit from Santa who handed out presents to all the kids. 

Article published: 09/12/2013

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